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The System 2030      
The System in 2030 - Roads

Major Commercial Transportation System

The Gateway Council envisions a Major Commercial Transportation System (MCTS) in 2030 that would:

Be a continuous network for efficient commercial vehicle operations in the region
Accommodate future growth in goods, services and international passenger movements
Enable 24-Hour unrestricted flow of commercial vehicles
Provide rail movements operating free of road intersection constraints Enhance connectivity to north-south and east-west trade corridors

MCTS Road network

The MCTS road network is defined as 38 road segments that are critical to commercial vehicle operations in the Gateway. Each segment either links the main business and industrial centres in the Region to the seaports, airport or Canada / US border, or it provides a key arterial linkage between major truck routes. Detailed assessment of current and projected traffic flows and trip times over these road segments led to the definition of essential major road improvement projects and new infrastructure investments.

With the exceptions of the Massey Tunnel, Blundell connection to Highway 99 and improvement to Highway 17 from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Highway 99, identified MCTS road investments have been incorporated into the Province of British Columbia’s Gateway Program and/or TransLink’s Major Road Network projects over the next decade:

Gateway Road Investments ($ millions)

Port Mann Bridge & Highway # 1 $1,400
Pitt River Bridge $150
South Fraser Perimeter Road $800
Golden Ears Bridge $600
North Fraser Perimeter Road $60
ighway 15 and Highway 99 Border Crossings $100
Highway 99 - Sea to Sky $600
MCTS Major Road Improvement Projects $270
Total   $3,380

Economic Benefits to the Region

Using a computer model of the entire Regional road system, the Gateway Council estimated total travel time savings on a complete MCTS road system at 40 million hours per year in 2021, generating:

GDP increase: $414 million - $1.05 billion / year
Employee time savings of $392 million / year
Business congestion cost saving of $281 million / year